Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile Social Media is Live


Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile Social Media is Live

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Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile has gone the extra mile to create, communicate and deliver valuable special offers, events, news updates and more via social media. We’re excited to build the unique Prickly Pear & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile’s brand and increasing visibility via these platforms, as well as to continue to develop relationships and communicate with current and potential hotel guests.

"Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers; but more importantly will represent the support that you have for your community, the people within it and loyalty you have for the small businesses around you. All in hopes that you recieve the same respect and loyalty in return. "

Tatum Williams, Marketing Representative

Facebook has been the Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile’s biggest—and arguably most powerful—social platform. Out of the 1.55 billion active monthly users reached worldwide, the Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile targets, but does not limit itself to, users within the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree and surrounding Arizona areas. “Friends of friends” within the targeted Arizona market are also reached via Facebook promotions. All of these potential guests and friends are learning about what Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile have to offer. After all, we are Cave Creek, Arizona’s destination hotel!

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Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile utilizes Twitter as its most in the moment social media account. Nearly 255 million active monthly users from across the globe have the ability to tweet with and about the Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile in Cave Creek, Arizona. Twitter is a perfect online tool for hotel guests to reach out to management, and also to find out about all the destination hotel has to offer in easily digestible snippets of 280 characters or less.

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When it comes to showing off, Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile’s Instagram account is the way to go! Instagram allows guests to tour the gorgeous interiors of the hotel from the convenience of their computers, and allows for sneak peeks of works from local artists and new items from some of the most fun and interesting small businesses in the area, all found at the Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; our customers and guests are able to back up their 5-star reviews online with photos of their stay!

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Of all the content created an shared on social media, the key as viewers and creators is to sort through the e-junk to find content that relates best to your interests. Through social media platforms, Prickly Pear Inn & Grumpy Ole Mule Mercantile are not only reaching a well-targeted audience, but they are creating an inviting brand to bring customers and guests to their front door.

6268 E. Cave Creek Rd.
Cave Creek, Arizona

(480) 488-2616

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